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4 Steps to Go Google For Admin

Go Google for Principals

One of the most effective ways for Principals and school administrators to embrace the Google Culture is to use the G Suite tools in their everyday practice.

Here are four common administrators tasks that you can use G Suite Tools to both streamline your own administrative tasks and model best practices of technology with your team.


School administrators can harness the power of Google Suite tools by collaborating with their teams. G Suite tools such as Drive, Docs and slides are made for creating and sharing.

Lesson plans and resources can become dynamic learning materials that be customized to the needs of your staff.  Google Documents can be edited by the whole team on any device in real time and be saved in one spot.

Team DriveThis year Google released Team Drive to Google Apps for Education users. A shared space for teams to collaborate together and share a collection of documents.

Currently, when someone leaves a school district the documents that they own are deleted along with their Google Account. Which can leave some teams high and dry. With a Team drive, the documents are owned by the group and can not be deleted as easily.

To access your team drive go to your Google drive for G Suite for Education. Click Team Drive and create a new Team Drive. If Team drive is not shown contact your School Google Administrator for more details.

Know your Schedule

Are your days full of meetings, places to be and tasks to get done? Trying to keep track of your day, rsvp’s for meetings and notes for those meetings can be a pain. But since I started to use Google Calendar to sync everything into one place my life has been so much easier.

Create an event in your Google Calendar, and you can add people to the event, attach G Suite documents, and even create a reminder for the event.

I create events for not only meetings, but I also block off time for the specific task to make sure I have space in my crazy days to get everything done.

Collect Data in a snap

Google’s mission statement is to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This is exactly what a Google Form does, it allows you to input information and makes use of the collected data.

Google Forms have been updated over the last couple of years some of the new features are very useful for teachers and education leaders alike. Such as question by question self-grading quizzes, email notifications, File uploads