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Steamline Request with Google Forms

I love a good problem to solve! So when I was challenged by Principal Ms. DeVeda E. Coley to help her make her life easier by creating a Leave Early Request using Google Forms that she could “approve”, I was intrigued. Google Forms itself is very dynamic and allows...

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4 Steps for School Administrators to Rock Going Google

Here are four common administrators tasks that you can use G Suite Tools to both streamline your own administrative tasks and model best practices of technology with your team.
School administrators can harness the power of Google Suite tools by collaborating with their teams. G Suite tools such as Drive, Docs and slides are made for creating, and sharing.

Lesson plans and resources can become dynamic learning materials that be customized to the needs of your staff. Google Documents can be edited by the whole team on any device in real time and be saved in one spot.

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For me, sharing and collaborating with others using Google Apps for Education is magical! As an administrator, you have created a document to share with your team, but it can be confusing figuring out what settings you need to use.

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